A day at Meow Hotel

Oct 21, 2021

Now I know everyone thinks they would love to work at a cattery and I drink tea and cuddle cats all day long but the truth is I haven’t got a kettle so just cuddling cats all day it is!…… Seriously though I would like to take you through a typical day and how much I love my job.

 I arrive at the meow hotel on a normal week day after a hectic school run (please can any parent tell me if their school run isn’t stressful because I would love to know to your secret).  As soon as I open the door to the cattery, I hear all kinds of different miaows (the odd hiss from the not a morning kitties) which funnily enough I have kind of gotten to know my regular cats by their miaows. In fact some are very distinctive, we had one cat stay with us who’s miaow was so loud and deep I could him from downstairs & others which is just the sweetest little miaow that makes my heart melt, and I always remember one particular cat’s miaow is almost like he’s lost his voice (really husky and quiet). But all are very different!

 After greeting all the kitties and asking how they are, I warm up my vocal cords and get singing while I crack on with the poop disposal duties. Yes, this is the very glamourous side to the job. But cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning is essential before I get to cuddle and have photoshoots of all the cats on their holiday. So, my morning consists of travelling from Toyoko all the way to London making a few stops while feeding and fussing each hotel guest on the way.

Now the fun can begin once the kitties have full bellies and have been entertained by my solo concert…… its photoshoot time. Although I often capture images and little videos as I’m going along, I do like to get as many photos as I can to keep the human parents updated. Some cats are so camera shy it’s an achievement to get a photo of their face rather than their backend they show me in protest. Then on the other hand we have the posers, as soon as I get my camera out the confident ‘I know I’m gorgeous’ cats are pulling out their best moves rolling around, over the shoulder looks, face right up to the camera, tail flicking and the cat walk along the corridor to make sure I get all their best angles. At this point I think how can my job get any better!!!

 Once all the cats are happy, had lots of fuss and fed up of my singing its time to let them have their afternoon nap in peace. As we all know cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, so unless I want to unleash the inner lion in them, I let them sleep undisturbed………well until the late afternoon when its back on poop duty and then feeding the hungry hotel guests.