About us / FAQs

About us

People like to go on holiday safe in knowledge that their pet(s) are in the best possible hands, with this thought in mind we decided to open a cattery next to Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, in Derby. With years of animal care experience and good connections with the Saint Leonard’s team, it’s the perfect place to board your cat(s), rabbit(s) or guinea pig(s), whilst you’re away.

  • 15 suites (5 with access to the garden room).
  • Medical assistance is on hand.
  • Heated during the winter (well insulated and cool during the summer).
  • Food provided, but feel free to bring your cat’s normal diet if this is preferable.
  • Lots of fuss and play assured.
  • Each suite has its own castle, scratching post, elevated shelves, bedding and toys.

Meet Natasha

I have worked at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre since 1998 (previously called Marshall & Till). I originally joined the team for work experience, then went on to holiday and permanent weekend work, while I studied animal care at Broomfield college. Over the years, I’ve worked in schools teaching, and most recently with adults who have special needs; I’ve always worked the weekends at Saint Leonard’s Veterinary Centre &/or Meow Hotel, as I’m passionate about animal care. I always look forward to welcoming back familiar faces to our Derby based cattery / small animal boarding hotel.

You’re only a whisker away,

Our FAQs

Yes, you’re welcome to. It’s good for your pet to not have a sudden change in diet. We can provide Whiskas wet food, & Iam’s dry food, if required. Rabbits and Guinea pigs are provided with hay, fresh vegetables and a suitable dry mix feed.

No! Cats from different households are not allowed to mix.

Mon to Sat 9.30-11am and 5-6pm Sunday 10.15-11.30am Sunday evening drop off/collection can be arranged if required.

No. Five of our pens have access to inside garden rooms.

You can bring their bed, toys & bowls. We provide anything your pet will need, but we know it’s nice for them to have familiar items during their stay.

Yes, we have storage for your carrier. All carriers are labelled and stored safety.

You can pay online through the booking system, card, bank transfer or cash on arrival or before.

Someone is on site most of the day, whether it be in the cattery, or in Tasha’s groom room which is on site.

Of course. It can be a worry for most owners when leaving their furry family member with us, so I understand that an update can offer some reassurance.

We use a wood pellet litter.

Yes, all staff are able to give any prescription medication your pet may require. If we need any extra information we will ask you, or the on-site veterinary centre.

Yes, when we are doing our daily cleaning of their pen. Cats from different households never mix.

No, the upstairs has more cat pens. The cattery is spread out over two floors.

15 in total: 13 family suites and 2 single suites.