Animal photography

Nov 15, 2021

I love capturing images of all the guests that come to stay. I love that it makes their human parents happy to see what they are up to. I would love to say it’s easy getting those cute photos but it certainly isn’t……….

Every day I’m crawling around on the floor, banging my head on the shelves and making the funniest sounds to get the cat to look at me. I think the cats play hard to get on purpose and love to tease! Although you have the odd cat that is an extreme poser, I love it! I’m there snapping away while the cat is rolling around, over the shoulder looks, miaowing, sticking its tongue out, stretching into downward dog pose, standing up on its back legs and pulling out all its best posing tricks. I have about hundred photos in five minutes.

Then you have the introvert cats that say, “No photos, darling!!” So, I have to be sneaky and try to capture a photo while the cat is unaware. I feel like a wildlife photographer not quite in full camouflage but just waiting patiently. And sometimes these are the best images, a cat just looking naturally happy minding its own business. But it’s really worth it when you get that perfect shot which you know will bring a smile to someone’s face.

When it came to capturing photos for the new website, I knew I had to get a professional in. Not only did I want some lovely photos of the cats, I wanted to capture the improvements to the cattery we had made plus a photo of me looking amazing…. well, half decent and not covered in animal hair! Bramblehedge wedding videos managed to do this with such ease. Ben took so many wonderful photos of the cattery and some brilliant natural shots of the cats too. My only quibble was he didn’t photoshop me to look like a model but did portray the calming, welcoming and friendly atmosphere of meow hotel purrfectly.