Looking forward to the year ahead

Jan 25, 2022

Christmas came and went in a whirlwind for us at the cattery. It was so amazing to see lots of old and new furry faces! The Christmas dinners went down a treat and the cats all got a visit from the big man himself with little gifts left in their treat pots. They even got an extra special treat on the day with my performance of Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas! I’m sure some of them were miaowing along with me. So overall all our guests had a wonderful Christmas and went to bed with full bellies and happy hearts. Perfect!

After the Christmas kitties went home, we welcomed the new year party cats, well I say party cats it was a calm new year with plenty of distractions in their pens, calming diffusers and relaxing music playing throughout the night so no nearby fireworks could be heard. That’s the kind of new year my kittens had at home too even though it sounded like a war zone when the clock struck twelve.

So after the Christmas and new year bustle I always start thinking and planning for the year ahead, what do I want to achieve this year and how to aim for it. This is what most people do but does anyone have new year resolutions for their pets? Does anyone want to start agility? Start pet modelling? Complete a charity dog walk? Teach their pets new tricks? I think it would be great to share a resolution with your furry friend.

Mine is for me and the poodle is to shift some Christmas timber we gained and enjoy some new walks together (with the other two dogs as well). The kittens……..well they rule the roost so it will be harness training so they can go outside and destroy the garden instead of the house!

But whatever your plans, make it special and enjoy the year ahead!