My Valentines

Feb 13, 2022

It’s been such a busy week at Meow hotel and Tasha’s groom room that I’ve felt so pleased to just sit down and cuddle my own fur babies. Nothing beats just coming home sitting down and relaxing with your furry friends (obviously it’s a joy cuddling up with my human children as well, best get that in there too!)

I know everyone loves their furry friends but it really is such a special bond you form with them. You don’t need to talk or physically act out how you’re feeling for your pet to just know. They offer comfort when you need it the most and always share your excitement with you. 

I have 3 elderly dogs and 2 kittens. And I’ve really noticed how much the dogs have slowed down over the years. It makes me a little sad to see how they nap a lot more and tire out a lot quicker after a walk. But I’m so grateful to have my little pack of Goldie oldies who still do have their mischievous puppy moments, especially with the kitten’s influence.

So, with valentine’s day round the corner, I’m treating my troop to some wonderful natural homemade treats, their favourite walking place and a spa session. How will you be spending your day with your fur babies? I know we spoil them all year round but I feel like valentine’s day needs to be extra special for them. I know I will be spoiling not only my own but the cattery guests too!

But whatever you do make it special! And make lots of memories with them!