Superstitions about black cats

Nov 2, 2021

With it only just being Halloween, it got me thinking about the myths and superstitions about black cats. I think personally think all cats are great and that kind of old folklore should be left in with the same stories as goblins, trolls and dare I say it unicorns (horse with a fancy horn).

So, what do the folklores says about these mini panthers…… well if you see one from behind that’s a bad omen. To be fair seeing a cat’s behind isn’t the best position to be in, especially if your cats are like mine and love to walk across your face while your lying-in bed. That’s always risky! And if the cat walks away or crosses your path that’s also bad luck (good luck if they are walking away from my face though)

Now for what’s considered a good omen/ luck a black cat walking towards you…. tick that off my lucky list.  Dreaming of one…. Another tick for me! Finding one on your doorstep, hmmm can I class welcoming a new arrival. It is lucky I suppose. Then last but not least is to make bad luck go away, stroke one three times or speak nicely to one. I think I should have all the good luck in the world then……. expect I’ve yet to find a single white hair for the extra good luck.

I think you can all guess what I will be doing next time a black cat comes to stay. Always facing the front end, running in front if one starts to walk away and going through their fur with a fine-tooth comb while speaking even more nicely and giving extra strokes. Think that should grant me a lifetime of good luck!