Terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions

  • All cats must be fully vaccinated. We must have proof of this by either: the vaccination record, or a clinical history from current vet.
  • Admit/ Discharge times 9.30am -11am and 5-6pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Sunday admit & discharge times 10.15 am -11.30 am. Evening can be arranged if required.
  • If your pet is on a prescription diet or if they are a fussy eater bring their own food, otherwise it shall be provided by us.
  • Owners must bring their pets medication with them, clearly labeled.  A medication form must be completed on admission.
  • All personal items, e.g. blankets or toys permitted.
  • A 30% non -refundable deposit must be taken on the day of booking or the pen cannot be allocated.
  • If the stay is cancelled within two weeks of the admission date, deposits will be held for when rebooking.
  • The entire stay will be priced up on admission.

On arrival

  • Any payment due, balance to be settled on day of admit.
  • Booking form and consent forms need to be signed.
  • Notify cattery staff of any changes to health or behaviour that may affect your pet during its stay.