Tis the season to be jolly…..

Dec 7, 2021

Christmas time, mistletoe and destruction!

Yes, I love Christmas time, I love the decorations, all the pretty lights and the beautiful sparkly baubles hanging from the beautifully decorated tree screaming to my kitties, “Please knock me down……. come on just do it!” I know I will spend most of the festive season collecting decorations from around the house which my mischievous little cats will have scaled the tree for.

I’m thinking this year instead of spending the best part of an hour untangling fairy lights and carefully positioning my growing collection of baubles. I will just take them out the box and scatter them around the tree, I might even go wild and just lay my tree on the floor. Seriously though I recently joked on our Facebook and Instagram page about having a cage built around the Christmas tree.  I already had to invest in an artificial tree due to my pooch peeing up the real tree we had, surely this must happen to a lot of other male dog owners too?!

So back to the drawing board, the cage (for the tree not the animals) might be a bit extreme so I had a search for how to deterrer cats from using your tree as an activity centre. One tip said to place tin foil around the base as they don’t like the sound of it under their feet. Another tip was spray or have a citrus fragrance item on your tree, apparently cats hate the smell and the final tip was to secure your tree to the wall or ceiling with fishing wire. These tips are from pets at home.

Now my little darlings are rather clever so I can imagine a scene from mission impossible, the cats sneaking under the trip wire, leaping over the foil and dodging any citrus scented items just to reach the star on top, leaving a path of destruction as the tree topples down!!!

Saying all this I am actually looking forward to seeing the cats’reactions to seeing the house all decorated for the first time. And anyway what’s Christmas without some chaos and clutter!